About UseMySkills

Two ways to recruit, and be recruited.

UseMySkills brings flex to the City. As a partner business to Cityparents, an award winning network and diversity organisation, UseMySkills enables those with City backgrounds and professional skills and experience to find flexible roles that suit, and provides City businesses with a fantastic talent pool of potential resource. 

Our site gives individuals who have limited time available a way to maximise their potential and offer their skills to the workplace. We know that advertised jobs don't always state the flexibility that workers really need, so our unique community places a spotlight on the professionals seeking work and their time and talent, as well as available roles.

Individuals create an online profile detailing their skills and availability to work, whilst businesses browse online profiles to find a fantastic, flexible and cost effective workforce

Plus, businesses post available roles that offer flexibility which job-seekers can search and apply for.

No hassle – just headcount. 


Why UseMySkills?

UseMySkills brings the sharing economy to the way we live and work. 

In today’s world, the work/life ‘balance’ on offer in many professions doesn’t align with the personal commitments and priorities of workers. Research conducted last year by Timewise and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that over 14 million workers – nearly half of people in employment in the UK - want to work flexibly to fit with modern life.

Millions of talented individuals are opting out of, and being excluded from, the workforce, a product of their need to balance personal responsibilities and commitments combined with a lack of genuinely flexible working solutions around how, where and when they work.

Working parents, in particular, who consciously prioritise family life through choice or necessity are forced to suspend their careers, leaving behind their professional skills and goals and perpetuating a loss of talent that UK plc cannot afford. Stay at home mothers and fathers who wish to fit in part-time professional work alongside their parenting responsibilities, are faced with inflexible schedules and expensive childcare.

Carers who have availability constraints due to their responsibilities looking after dependents find that the hours in which they could work, don’t fit those required by traditional part-time or full-time roles.  

UseMySkills offers the solution – a new way to work.

We believe strongly that work and family life shouldn't be an 'either/or' choice.  We believe people with professional backgrounds and skills who want to integrate work into their home lives should be able to do so.

Until now, the recruitment sector has lacked the tools to reach out to these individuals and connect them with businesses who are willing to accommodate their schedule in return for the right qualifications and professional experience. By showcasing individuals and their professional skills as well as available jobs, UseMySkills.com empowers workers and presents a unique talent pool from which businesses can draw the resource they need.

Individuals win by being able to advertise the time, talent, skills and expertise they have to work, whilst employers get easy access to significant intellectual capital with minimum recruitment spend, gaining a talented, flexible and cost effective workforce.

For individuals, it’s free to sign up and create a profile. If you would like to share your skills and time, please register here, and to browse available flexible roles, please click here

Businesses register for free to view candidate profile information and buy credits to access contact details and post jobs – there’s more information online here


Our story 

UseMySkills was founded by Louisa Symington-Mills in early 2016.

It was borne out of Louisa’s experience of owning a small business - Cityparents Ltd - whose success was driven by highly skilled employees who worked remotely and flexibly to suit their schedule, as well as her perspectives gained from meeting an incredible number of talented professionals and stay at home parents who felt the traditional workforce did not offer the flexibility they needed.


Louisa Symington-Mills, Founder & CEO

Louisa Symington-Mills has 15 years’ experience working in City businesses and is a proven entrepreneur. She has two young children aged three and four, and works remotely and flexibly.

She is the founder and CEO of Cityparents Ltd, a diversity organization focusing on supporting working parents in City professions.  Cityparents comprises the networks Citymothers and Cityfathers, groups of 9,000 working parents in City professions, as well as mentoring, coaching and consulting activities.


Her recognition/awards for Cityparents includes:

Winner: 2015 Efinancial News Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence

Winner: Inclusive Networks Awards 2015 Professional Network of the Year

Winner: Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2015 Social Enterprise (UK) of the Year

Shortlisted: European Diversity Awards 2015 Campaigner of the Year